Beauty is Golden.


My name is Lucy, the face behind Loyatobs Creations and this is my story..

I was born in London and lived my early life with foster parents in Essex. My foster mother was an avid seamstress and baker. Later I moved to live with family relations whereby I went through a another lifestyle change but very comparable to the previous. My Aunt was a welfare officer and by virtue of her training a disciplinarian but at the same time loved sewing and baking.

I now believe both experiences created a knowledge path for me to draw from.

Fast forward many years in the Education field, rising to the top of my profession, I decided I wanted a work related change and started working in a company that insured Medical professionals to work. I loved my job but I think because of the stress of work, numerous commitments to myself, husband, children and others that I had to cater for within a 24 hour day I became quite unwell on the job and eventually gave in to early retirement.

At a stage when most of my brood had flown the coup, grandchildren were on the way, my health was floundering , WHAT WAS I TO DO?


During my life journey I was always exposed to doing something using my hands, be it sewing or baking. In other words craft activities and I always found them very relaxing, fulfilling and interesting. Although I preferred sewing to baking, I loved my beads especially those with dangly bits because of the different colours and sizes ( although I knew of only wooden and plastic beads at the time). I was always surrounded by a tin of beads either bought or given. My birthday gifts were always a bead necklace/ bracelet or a frilly personal item like a handkerchief, nightdress or underskirt.

When I was younger I used to express my mood with beads...Bright colours when happy, dull colours when sad, pinkish colours when I felt girly, tiny beads when I felt like disappearing and large ones when I wanted to be seen and so on.

I remember I would be given or buy a necklace and crudely rearrange the beads, or create a pair of earrings from it and then wear it. Friends and family had always liked my way of coordinating colours and would occasionally request I mend or rearrange a piece for them. I really didn't think much of it...then..!

But NOW I had to think deep because I didn’t want to stop working, only to change what I was doing and find the work that would suit my situation.

After lots of tear shedding, soul searching, trying my hands at different things, disappointments, giving in and starting again, learning new things, workshops, training, visiting various markets, shops and more than enough loving and encouragement from my family, it all clicked together and PRESTO!....I started MY JOURNEY...with BEADS.

I needed a name for this journey..?

Growing up I used to doodle with the letters in a name and at this one point in my life I did just that with all the initials of my loved ones and came up with a word that could not be pronounced but it stayed in my memory. Now I chose to rearrange that and so I became known as LOYATOBS. Later CREATIONS was added by my daughter because she said that is what I do.

To me and many, a life journey is as Beautiful and expensive as Gold. Just like the beads I use in my creations.

I have come to understand that a person can be made up of so many different beautiful idiosyncrasies or quirks just like me...

Do you embrace the simplistic look or like simple things?
Are you boisterous?
Are you an introvert/extrovert?
Are you bold?
Are you very girly?
Do you revel in bright colours or the opposite?
Do you love chunky things?
Or are you one to love high end finishing?
Are you a stickler for perfection?
Do you love the allure of precious stones?
Do love frills, lace and ribbons?
Do you love novelty items?
Do like a lot of quiet time?
Are you persistent?
Do you like everything smooth or do you like rough edged things?

These are but a few....!

I lovingly use BEADS to portray these quirks.

I will create something for you to reflect whatever your quirk is, or whatever it is you want to fulfil in that item you want to gift. I may already have done so within the items in the shop.

Please look though my shop and know that they were all created with very deep thought and love, to express your very own idiosyncrasy or quirk..!

I would love to hear from you, so do not hesitate to send me a mail..

You can also contact me through the message box on the contact page or under any item you may wish to purchase.

I design and make all the items in the shop apart from findings, other supporting accessories used in each creation and apart from all items in the Jewels category. All the findings and items in Jewels are Lead and Nickel free. Each item comes with its own box. Any item sent out as your purchase will be the item you view in the picture.

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Thank you and Welcome to Loyatobs Creations!


CARMINE....Woven in Burgundy and Beige
Black and White Magatama Beads
A Simple and Elegant Loya Lady
A Simple and Elegant Loya Lady
A Loya Lady who loves purple and all things sparkly.

Beauty is Golden.

LOYATOBS CREATIONS is based in the United Kingdom and focuses on creating high quality, exceptionally unique, beaded jewellery and novelty items for's fashionistas.

My creations are designed with individual uniqueness in mind and as such they are all considered as Limited Editions.

There are a variety of designs and items to choose from which I hope will tickle your fancy.